Audacious Visioning™ Part 1: Envisioning Your Best Life

There's a reason why you have had success, but don't feel successful.

You set goals and reach some of them, but there's something missing. 

Part of you thinks "Maybe I want too much." 

Part of you thinks "But, I work hard! Why am I not there yet?"

You don't want too much. And you do work too hard to not be where you want to be.

Truth is: your vision for yourself is too small for the powerhouse you really are. 

Reaching some of your goals has been unsatisfying — because deep down, you want more.

Some of your goals haven't really been worth following through on, because they don't mean as much to you as you think.

(That's the real reason you haven't reached them.)

But before we get to big goals, we need to have big vision.

Big, AUDACIOUS vision.

Let's get started.

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